Assos GT Gloves C2 - Handschuhe
Assos GT Gloves C2 – Handschuhe
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Assos GT Gloves C2 – Handschuhe

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For their GT Gloves C2, Assos focused on cooling, durability, and increased comfort – vital priorities for those hot days of summer where you’re ticking off bigger distances. At the same time, the GTs also come in some 25% lighter than previous Assos summer gloves – making them less noticeable to wear too.  When it comes to breathability and cooling, the GT Gloves excel thanks to the use of a lightweight open-mesh back. With less moisture lingering on the skin, this reduces the chance of internal friction and at the same time ensures a sweat-free grip of the hoods. The streamlined slip-on construction also removes unnecessary bulk from the wrist, improving comfort and breathability.   Over the course of a long ride, the VibeProof Palm provides extra comfort. Carefully positioned at pressure points on the palm, the padding soaks up the chatter from rougher road surfaces, improving both comfort and control. The microfibre palm itself also gives a reassuring grip and offers excellent durability.  For long and hot summer endurance rides, the GT Gloves C2 are a natural choice.


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