Assos GT Socks C2 - Socken
Assos GT Socks C2 – Socken
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Assos GT Socks C2 – Socken

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The ethos behind the GT Socks C2 is all about creating a sock you’ll forget is even there, such is their comfort. Updated and highly functional fabrics are quicker than ever at dealing with moisture, preventing sweat pooling on the skin and causing you discomfort. Odour resistance is also built-in and drying times are incredibly quick too, both delivering freshness during and after your ride.  Ventilation is also improved, boosting cooling airflow to your feet when the heat is high. The updated yarns offer support across the metatarsals, arch, and ankle, giving comfort for rides both long and short. Assos have also minimised seams in their construction, reducing the risk of abrasion and irritation.


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