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A premium cycling sock that merges elegant design and pure performance, the GTO Cycling Socks have been engineered from the ground up to ensure your feet, one of the key contact points with your bike, are kept comfortable on your longer cycling adventures.  Comfort starts with the choice of lightweight and breathable textiles. Across the top of the foot, the structured material allows your skin to breathe, ensuring no sweat lingers to cause discomfort. For the cuff, Assos uses their luxurious Send ST fabric, delivering a lightweight fit that is barely noticeable. At the cuff, the raw-cut finish, with printed silicone gripper, keeps the socks flush and in place kilometre after kilometre.  When pushing hard on the pedals, a lightly padded forefoot provides support and cushioning. And with a 15cm cuff height, these are socks that blend modernity and tradition.


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