Bluegrass Skinny Elbow Guards – Ellenbogenprotektoren

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Berms, kickers and hucks, there’s no need for anything on the beaten path to concern you when pairing with the Skinny Elbow Guards, so protective they inspire confidence into the biggest of jumps. Designed to deliver unrivalled comfort without compromising on safety, these stylish elbow guards are streamlined to ensure you can travel at top speed throughout your session. Highly breathable, moisture is wicked away to keep you cool at all times while maximising airflow at the same time. Sporting two layers of protection to help reduce injuries should the unexpected happen, the Skinny Elbow Guards also use silicon grippers to keep your fitting secured from the first pedal until the last. Whether you shred hard or just enjoy the view from the top of the mountain, stay safe and stay protected wearing the Skinny Elbow Guards.


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