Dainese Trail Skins Pro Elbow Guard – Ellenbogenprotektoren

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The Trail Skins Pro Elbow Guards provide the ideal balance of reliable knee protection, superb flexibility and free-flowing ventilation. The excellent level of protection come by the way of the carbon-elastomer compound and ergonomic shape of the Pro-Shape 2.0 protectors. These absorb and dissipate impact forces while the smooth side pads reduce friction and allow smooth sliding should you fall. Flexibility is guaranteed through the ergonomic design, mapped to fit naturally to your arms and let you move freely and easily when piloting your mountain bike over rough terrain. A second-skin-like fit is offered via the highly breathable sock while perforated zones allow for ventilation as the heat rises. Thigh and calf straps create a firm hold and keep your pads in place as you move and change your riding position.


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