DT Swiss PRC 1100 Dicut MC 24mm Disc Front Wheel - Schwarz  - 12 x 100mm
DT Swiss PRC 1100 Dicut MC 24mm Disc Front Wheel – Schwarz – 12 x 100mm
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DT Swiss PRC 1100 Dicut MC 24mm Disc Front Wheel – Schwarz – 12 x 100mm

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DT Swiss PRC 1100 Dicut MC 24mm Disc Front WheelTaking its name from Mon Chasseral (MC) that looms over the DT Swiss headquarters in the Jura mountains, this special edition road bike wheel combines the best of Swiss engineering performance with the finest of materials to propel you to the top of your own personal “Mon Chasseral”. It features a high-quality carbon rim construction that’s hand-made in Europe using special carbon layering technology for an excellent balance of stiffness, durability and an overall lower weight on your ride. Its superior strength to weight ratio also means that riders can enjoy easier climbing and powerful acceleration without any excess grams holding them back.Carbon Front Wheel with Centre Lock Disc Brake CompatibilityReady for long days on your road bike and exploring new surroundings, this front wheel is kitted out with Centre Lock disc brake compatibility. This means that you’ll benefit from smooth and consistent braking operation when tackling steep descents and keeping your ride under full control when cornering. DT Swiss has also equipped this version with Aero Comp spokes on the left side of the wheel and AeroLite spokes on the right side, which offers further stability, strength and aerodynamics.Tubeless Ready TechnologyComing complete with a tubeless-ready rim design, this model allows riders to fit tubeless tyres and enjoy performance advantages such as the ability to run lower pressures, increased comfort and less chances of flats or punctures. This makes the DT Swiss PRC 1100 Dicut MC 24mm Disc Front Wheel a great choice of upgrade for the demands of modern road cycling.Features: Rim Material: Carbon Decal Type: Waterslide Use: Road Axle Size: 12x100mm, thru-axle Type: Clincher Tyre Interface: Tubeless crotched/Clincher Rim Diameter: 29″/700c Rim Height: 24mm Inner Rim Width: 18mm Outer Rim Width: 24mm Hub Type: 180 Brake Compatibility: Disc Brake Brake Rotor Compatibility: Centre Lock Spoke Type: Left: DT Aero Comp T-Head; Right: DT Aerolite T-Head Spoke Pattern: 2-Cross (1:1) Nipples: DT Pro Lock Hidden Aluminium Valve Type: Presta Included: Tubeless tape 21mm, Tubeless (TL) Valve Aluminium black 18-25mm, 5mm endcap Kit and wheel bag ASTM Classification: 1 Tubeless Ready: Yes Single or Pair: Single wheel Manufacturer’s Part Number: WHDTPRC1103F Maximum Recommended System Weight: 110kg Weight: 578gTechnologies: SINC Ceramic Technology: SINC ceramic ball bearings have been developed by DT Swiss as a system. They are based on balls made from silicon nitride (Si3N4), an extremely tough and wear- and corrosion-resistant ceramic material. The bearing rings are made from a specially developed steel alloy, which is adapted to the properties of the specific ceramic material used and are precision ground. This combination reduces the rolling resistance to an absolute minimum and guarantees greater durability than conventional ball bearings. Tubeless Technology: Tubeless tyres have a number of advantages over the conventional combination of tube and tyre: without risking snakebites, the tyre can be run with lower pressures providing better grip. The lower pressure also results in a more comfortable ride. Eliminating the tube means there is no friction between tube and tyre and therefore less rolling resistance when the tyre rolls over the ground and obstacles. If tubeless sealant is used, the tyre can self-seal stings and small cuts. A big advantage for all those who like to ride for long and far away from the next bikeshop. Bearing Technology: Years of experience regarding optimal bearing preload and knowledge of production tolerances, allow DT Swiss to design durable, play-free hubs without bearing play adjustment. With this hub design additional weight can be saved again, since no threads need to be considered in the design, which allows a thinner wall thickness. Another advantage is easy maintenance and quick conversion to the various freewheel and axle systems. Buy DT Swiss Wheels & Tyres from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.

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