Giro Latch MTB Cycling Shoes - Radschuhe
Giro Latch MTB Cycling Shoes – Radschuhe
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Giro Latch MTB Cycling Shoes – Radschuhe

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When you’re letting it all hang out on your mountain bike, it’s no good if you keep slipping and sliding on your pedals, particularly when the going gets rough. This is why the engineers at Giro teamed up with a team of rubber engineers to create the super-grippy sole unit found on the Latch MTB Cycling Shoes.  Unshakeable Pedal Grip First, the engineers came up with the formulation for what they call Tack™ Rubber. This highly elastic rubber offers a forceful hold on the pedals so you can be full of confidence when flying into technical trails. It’s moulded into Giro’s Gamma tread design, creating a sole that offers an unrivalled grip of pedal pins.  At the heart of the Latch shoes, you’ll also find Mute™ Foam. This high-performance midsole has been devised to give a slow rebound action, soaking up the chatter and vibration of the trail. Regardless of the trail, from ruts to roots to rocks to heavy landings, this keeps you securely connected and in control of your bike.  Pedal-Ready-Fit It’s not just the sole that’s tuned to give you superb performance on the pedals. The upper has also had attention to improving the fit and feel of mountain bike shoes. The fit brings your foot closer to the sole and with the flatter sole profile, optimises the contact patch on flat pedals. A premium Microfibre is used to give all-weather performance and one that will dry quickly between MTB sessions – after a wet ride you can look forward to no more soggy feet on your next ride out.  The smooth upper also features ventilation holes to maintain airflow and allow sweat to escape when the going gets hot. The Rockprint™ reinforced toe provides protection from debris kicked up off the trail and prevents bumps and bruises from hidden rock and root strikes. Lastly, the ever-dependable lace closure works whatever the weather and keeps bulk to a minimum. A lace keeper keeps them out of your drivetrain too. 


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