Giro Trixter FF Gloves - Handschuhe
Giro Trixter FF Gloves – Handschuhe
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Giro Trixter FF Gloves – Handschuhe

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The Trixter FF Gloves are a comfortable pick for any discipline of cycling with smart innovation built-in.  Between the fingers, Ax Suede® Bolt fabric offers superb dexterity for easy gear changes and braking. And it features InstaChill™ technology, cooling your skin when it becomes moist, making the Trixter’s a brilliant warm weather cycling glove. Meanwhile, the slim, pre-curved palm gives a natural feel for the bars and lets you get great feedback from the terrain. It’s also perforated to enhance moisture management and it’s durable too, meeting the demands of the daily rider and weekend warrior. The slip-on design keeps bulk low, comfort high and allows a seamless fit with long sleeve jerseys. 


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