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Featuring a rear specific tread, this mountain bike tyre is ready for fast and intense downhill racing. Goodyear has equipped it with a Dynamic:Grip3 compound, which uses triple3 density rubber to deliver balanced levels of grip and treadwear. Another benefit is its DH:Wall sidewall protection that uses a butyl layer located within the casing ply to provide the highest level of sidewall defence. This downhill version also has two layers of 60TPI casing fabric for increased protection and sidewall stiffness. Classed as a tyre that is at its best bringing up the rear while sprinting out the start hut of your race run, as you attack those loose off-camber sections, hold the line on rocky chutes and pinballing down rock sections. Downhill Rear Tyre with Tubeless Complete Design The Newton MTR (Mountain Rear), part of Goodyear’s ultimate tyre package developed for gravity riding & racing. It features a Tubeless Complete design that offers the same benefits as tubeless-ready (TLR) technology, while also maintaining inflation pressure better than a traditional TLR tyre. This means you’ll also enjoy the ability to run lower tyre pressures for increased stability, comfort and fewer chances of flats or punctures. Technologies: Dynamic:Grip3 Compound: Rear specific featuring triple3 density rubber compounds where necessary to offer balanced levels of grip and treadwear. Dual Ply Construction: Two layers of 60TPI casing fabric provide Downhill level protection and sidewall stiffness. Rear Specific Tread: Designed to bring up the rear, focusing on acceleration and braking traction. DH:Wall: A butyl layer located within the casing ply, providing the highest level of sidewall defence.  Tubeless Complete: Goodyear Bicycle Tyres proprietary design that features all the benefits of a Tubeless Ready (TLR) tyre but will also better maintain inflation pressure than a traditional TLR tyre. Manufacturer’s Part Numbers: GR.014.61.584.V005.R Black 2.4″ 27.5″ GR.014.66.584.V005.R Black 2.6″ 27.5″ GR.014.61.622.V005.R Black 2.4″ 29″


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