IXS Trigger FF MIPS Helmet - Helme
IXS Trigger FF MIPS Helmet – Helme
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IXS Trigger FF MIPS Helmet – Helme

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Mountain biking progression inevitably leads to times when you’ll come up short in both skill and grip levels. However, thanks to the Trigger FF MIPS Camo Helmet you can be confident of outstanding head protection. When looking to push beyond your riding boundaries and keep building your skills don’t compromise head protection.  Weight? What Weight? The first thing to notice with the Trigger FF MIPS is its remarkable lack of weight. But in no way is the protection compromised. Pivotal to this low weight and high protection is the patented fully in-moulded unibody construction and internal X-Frame – combined they deliver DH certified protection while keeping weight to a mind-blowingly low 595 grams for the small/medium and just 660 grams for the medium/large. Once on it’s a helmet you’ll soon forget about, such is its lack of bulk.  X-FRAMETM Unique to iXS helmets, X-Frame provides incredible all-round protection where the shell of the helmet is directly connected to the impact-absorbing EPS material. This patented technology sees the faceguard seamlessly connected with the head EPS liner, resulting in enhanced structural strength while allowing iXS to strip away unnecessary weight and bulk plus allowing them to enhance ventilation.  What is MIPS? Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) is a proven system that reduces the rotational forces on the brain when you’re involved in a crash. The forces are absorbed and redirected to prevent them from being transmitted to the brain. MIPS is a Brain Protection System Rotational motion can cause brain injuries The low friction layer allows a sliding movement of 10–15 mm, in all directions, reducing rotational motion to the brain during impact MIPS adds protection Shop All MIPS Helmets Click Here iXS Sweat the Details – You Do the Sweating Sweat is inevitable when mountain biking. However, the Trigger FF MIPS Helmet doesn’t compromise when it comes to keeping you cool. A copious number of vents are strategically placed around the helmet to enhance airflow and when combined with integrated internal channels you’ll enjoy sweat-beating air circulation. If you do go beyond the limits of tyre grip and you end up hitting the dirt hard then you can rely on the ErgoFit Ultra system to keep the Trigger firmly in place. With its vertical and horizontal adjustment, it gives you an easily customized fit. The Fidlock magnetic closure also makes it easy to get the FF on and off. Lastly, the 2-level visor adjustment allows you to rest goggles and adjust the visor to your preferred position. 


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