POC Ventral AIR MIPS NFC Helmet - Helme
POC Ventral AIR MIPS NFC Helmet – Helme
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POC Ventral AIR MIPS NFC Helmet – Helme

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Let the Ventral do the Talking When you’re cycling, crashing is something that can always be a possibility, and in most cases, while you’ll be battered and bruised, you’ll soon be on your way again. However, there may be a time when you’re not able to simply dust yourself down and carry on riding. It’s here the Ventral AIR MIPS NFC Helmet comes in. It features a twICEme® NFC Medical ID chip, letting you store vital medical and emergency contact details. With an NFC-enabled smartphone first responders can read the chip and make the best treatment decisions there and then. MIPS Integra Head Protection Solution The Ventral AIR also features the MIPS Integra system. This brings together POC’s ‘whole-helmet’ safety and design ethos with the fully integrated brain-protecting technology of MIPS. This holistic approach sees every detail of the helmet engineered to work in harmony with each other, giving you new levels of seamless safety, comfort, ventilation, fit and function. MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System)  The Mips system is designed to provide added safety for helmets in many accidents. For certain impacts, the Mips system can reduce harmful rotational motion that might otherwise be transferred to the user’s head. Rotational motion is a common cause of concussions in oblique hits to the head. In a crash, the Mips system is designed to move slightly inside the helmet to help redirect forces away from the head. Shop All MIPS Helmets Click Here Fast Protection Engineered with aerodynamics at the forefront, the Ventral Air is one slippery performer. Tested extensively and designed using CFD to hone its aerodynamic performance, this is a helmet that won’t slow you down. The careful design also extends to the ventilation, with airflow optimized via internal channels keeping you fresh at both slow and high speeds, without compromising aero performance. But not just fast it’s incredibly protective too. The high-performance EPS liner is multi-density to offer optimal protection in key areas while also balancing the need for low weight. Added to this is the fully wrapped unibody shell construction, increasing both the durability and helmet integrity in the event of an accident. 360-degree Fit System In order to keep the Ventral in place, you’ll find POC’s lightweight 360° fit system. This offers an easy-to-operate and precise fit, ensuring your helmet remains comfortable when riding and stays securely in place in the event of a crash.


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