Shimano SLX M7110 Front Hub – Laufradnaben

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Constructed from a tough and dependable aluminium, this SLX M7110 model comes complete with a cone bearing with stainless steel balls and labyrinth rubber seals to ensure a buttery smooth spin on every outing. This setup reduces friction, resulting in a consistent and comfortable performance across unpredictable terrains. Robust and Reliable, Aluminium-Made Front MTB Hub This durably-designed hub also reinforces the wheel structure by pulling the J-bend spokes to the optimum tension. This results in improved rigidity and responsiveness when taking on more challenging rides and courses. Compatible with Centerlock disc brakes, this hearty hub is perfect for the modern MTBer.


Artikelnummer: 102521116

EAN: 4550170447779

Größe: 15x100mm

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Farbe: / Größe: 15x100mm