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Getting a design refresh, the Altra Women’s Escalante 3 Running Shoes not only look great but provide a secure and supportive fit thanks to its sock-like engineered mesh upper and roomy toe box. At the midsole, Altra EGO™ foam cushioning quickly absorbs impact shock and gives a responsive toe-off while InnerFlex™ grooves provide flexibility and a natural feeling transition that is enhanced by the FootPod™ technology outsole. Balanced Cushioning With a zero-drop construction, your heel and forefoot are placed at the same distance from the ground ensuring comfortably balanced cushioning that promotes efficient low-impact form with each stride. FOOTSHAPE™ toe box Enhancing both comfort and stability, the FOOTSHAPE™ toe box gives enough room to allow your toes to relax and spread out naturally as you move. INNERFLEX™ grooves Allowing your foot to flex thanks to grid-like grooves in the midsole for lightweight speed and enhanced performance. FOOTPOD™ technology Mapping the bones and tendons of your foot, the FOOTPOD™ technology at the outsole enhances flexibility and allow your foot to move naturally. ALTRA EGO™ dual midsole Combining dual-natured midsole compounds the ALTRA EGO™ delivers premium underfoot cushioning with increased energy return snappy ride with forward-propelling responsiveness.


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