Assos RS Socks TARGA - Socken
Assos RS Socks TARGA – Socken
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Assos RS Socks TARGA – Socken

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Made with a blend of Assos’ own ultralight materials and Lycra®, the RS Cycling Socks TARGA provide exceptional comfort and support. The supersoft ‘Hydrogen’ yarns feel luxurious against the skin and provide outstanding moisture-wicking and breathability, preventing sweat from creating areas of discomfort. Meanwhile, the Lycra® content gives a lightly compressive and flexible fit, keeping comfort high throughout your ride. At the arch, Assos use a ribbed band of airy mesh to add further support and enhance breathability and airflow. Seamless construction prevents chafing too. Lastly, the 18cm cuff gives the socks a contemporary look, while not falling foul of UCI’s sock height rules. These socks are ready to race.   


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