Fox Racing Enduro D3O Elbow Guards – Ellenbogenprotektoren

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When you’re on your mountain bike and taking on ever more technical trails, you’ll want to remain mobile and flexible but at the same time have protection when it goes wrong. And the Enduro D3O Elbow Guards offer just the right level of flexibility and protection to inspire riding confidence. Innovative D3O® Impact Protection These pads feature D3O® Impact Protection, an innovative solution to protection for activities that require flexibility and impact absorption. The D3O® polymer pads are soft and flexible in normal use, allowing full mobility as you tackle technical trails. And yet upon impact, the foam immediately works to absorb and dissipate crash forces, far beyond that of ordinary foams.  The elbow panel also features abrasion-resistant material, providing extra durability and slide protection should you fall. In combination with the D3O padding, this all provides protection without restrictions. And Breathe It’s all very well being protected in a crash, but hopefully, that doesn’t happen too often. And when you’re enjoying being on your bike, the stretchy open-mesh panels of the Enduros provide excellent breathability and sweat-wicking. This prevents discomfort from moisture build-up.  An anti-microbial finish also reduces bacterial build-up, preventing both odour and itchiness. And when you do need to freshen your pads up, pull the D3O® pads out and pop your guards in the wash to make them as good as new. 


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