Fox Racing Enduro Knee Sleeve – Knieprotektoren

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Taking you from the exhilarating flow of singletrack to the focus and technical demands of all-mountain trails, the Enduro Knee Sleeves provide reliable protection when you’re caught up in a crash. Across the knee cap, the shock-absorbing padding ensures hard hits and slides are soaked up, ensuring you have a better chance of avoiding injury during a fall and jumping back on your bike to finish the fun of your ride. In fact, the pads are CE certified for mountain bike use, giving you confidence they meet all the demands of trail riding.  Comfort is optimised thanks to the combination of flexible and breathable materials. Perforated neoprene on the outside allows sweat to escape, preventing dampness when the heat is up. Meanwhile, stretch fabric across the back of the guards offers the wide range of motion and mobility you need when throwing your bike around.  Lastly, an anti-microbial finish also reduces bacterial build-up, preventing both odour and itchiness, leaving you feeling fresh every time you go ride. 


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