Hayes Dominion A2 Disc Brake – Scheibenbremsen

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This disc brake features a standard-sized brake lever with tool-free reach adjust, which means that you can fine-tune it to perfectly match your hand size, riding preferences as well as the terrain conditions. Hayes has also equipped this model with a two-piston caliper that provides fast and reliable braking as you blast across the rock garden, tree roots and debris at speed. Expanding on the award-winning Dominion A4. The, Dominion A2, targets Cross Country and Trail riders. Dominion A2 features a two-piston caliper. Dominion A2 includes all the performance from the Dominion A4, utilizing a compact, two-piston caliper.  Dominion A2 features the proprietary QuickBite² system for fast and consistent burnish, coupled with the D-Series rotor (sold separately) to manage the heat with less braking noise. This is the standard sized brake lever option.


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